I’m Here Because You Broke Something T-Shirt

This post doesn’t really qualify as a fanboy item but its still quite nerdy and it reflects the mood I am in today so I decided to post it since I didn’t really have any other cosplay or anything else I had planned on posting today anyway.  If you are a computer savvy tech geek like I am, chances are you have to play tech support for your family and friends on a regular basis.  It seems like whenever there is a major holiday gathering, I end up spending most of the time trying to fix stuff for people to the point that I am often in another room tinkering away while everybody else is sitting around the dinner table eating and talking.

Most people would think that is kind of unfair and sucks but I honestly prefer it that way as I am a bit of a loner anyway.  However, it does kind of annoy me when the only time I hear from people is when they break something and want me to fix it, especially when they don’t even offer to pay me anything to fix it which is what inspired my posting of this shirt.

The fantastic people over at ThinkGeek are selling this I’m here because you broke something t-shirt for $19.99.  Also, if you spend $40+ and use the code ‘FOAMFTD’ you will get a free 8-bit flower bouquet (offer good through Valentines Day) which would be a perfect gift for that geeky special someone on Valentines Day so you might want to do a little more shopping while you are there just to get that.  Note: Those are affiliate links so that I get credit for referring you if you are awesome enough to decide to buy this shirt or anything else while you are on their site.  The only way I can afford to keep this site running is with affiliate sales like this so make sure to use those links if you decide to buy it!

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I'm here because you broke something t-shirt

I’m here because you broke something t-shirt

[Source:  ThinkGeek]