Stunning Legend of Zelda Cosplay Dress

There are times I get a bit jealous of all of the awesome geeky clothes that are made for women and this would definitely be one of them.  I have some pretty cool Legend of Zelda t-shirts but they can’t compare to this amazing Legend of Zelda cosplay dress!

Etsy seller Frockasaurus is selling this incredible custom hand-made Legend of Zelda cosplay dress for $513.35.  These dresses are made to order so you can request whatever size you need.  As for details about the dress, here is what they said:

This particular costume is made from 100% cotton, trimmed with crushed gold lamé and gold leatherette. Fully lined in polyester cotton, with 3 layers of net underskirting. Boned bodice, back zip fastening with corset effect lacing over the top. Top stitched in gold thread.

If you are a Legend of Zelda fan who happens to be looking for something to where to a con or even perhaps a renaissance fair but don’t want to deal with the hassle of making your own outfit, this might be just what you have been looking for!  Heck, this would even make for a nice non-traditional wedding dress for a really big Zelda fan.

If you happen to order one of these dresses, send us pictures of you wearing it!  I love to see my readers enjoying the things I post about!

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Legend of Zelda Cosplay Dress

Legend of Zelda Cosplay Dress

[Source: Etsy via Fashionably Geek]

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