Awesome World of Warcraft Vanessa VanCleef Cosplay [pic]

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Despite the fact that I have no desire to every play World of Warcraft, I have to admit that seems to inspire some of the best if not the best cosplay I come across.  I have posted a bunch of it in the past including some great Lady VashJ cosplay, Blood Elf cosplay, Valeera Sanguinar cosplay and several others.  If you just search for World of Warcraft cosplay on the right you can see them all and you won’t be disappointed.  Well, now we can officially add Vanessa VanCleef to the list of impressive World of Warcraft cosplay!

DeviantART user and cosplayer ZerinaX is the cute girl sporting this amazing World of Warcraft Vanessa VanCleef cosplay.  I’d say she did a great job with the costume!

The picture was taken by Cosplay Photographers.

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Vanessa VanCleef Cosplay

World of Warcraft Vanessa VanCleef Cosplay

[via Cosplay Blog]

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