Handmade Boba Fett TOMS Shoes [pic]

Not too long ago, I posted some awesome hand-painted Star Wars themed TOMS shoes that were absolutely amazing.  However, you happen to be a rather odd person and only like Boba Fett but hate the rest of Star Wars, then I have the TOMS shoes for you!

Etsy seller GeekyFootware is the person behind these awesome hand-painted Boba Fett shoes.  For those that are interested in them, you can buy a pair for $80.

As amazing as these Boba Fett TOMS shoes are, if I was to wear women’s shoes, I would probably go for the R2-D2 TOMS shoes that I posted over on my Global Geek News blog a while back.  To each their own I suppose.

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Custom Boba Fett TOMS Shoes

Custom Boba Fett TOMS Shoes

[Source:  Etsy]

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