Incredible Deadpool Eye Makeup

With the Deadpool movie coming out this month, I thought it was only appropriate to post this absolutely amazing Deadpool eye makeup art when I saw it.  I have to admit that unlike most comic book characters like Batman, Superman, Thor, Spider-man, ect, I know absolutely nothing about Deadpool.  Deadpool has never had the cultural impact that some of the bigger names have had so I’ve never had much interest into looking into the character but now that the movie is coming out and after seeing this stunning Deadpool eye art, I think I’m going to have to make time to catch myself up and find out just what all the fuss is about.  Anyway, lets talk about this Deadpool makeup art rather than my comic book ignorance.

This incredibly detailed Deadpool eye makeup art was created by Tal Peleg.  She is obviously incredibly talented when it comes to doing beautiful things with makeup and if you want to see more of her amazing work, I HIGHLY suggest checking out her Instagram account.

If you’d like to see some of the other amazing eye makeup we have posted in the past, I suggest checking out the Spider-Man eye makeup I’ve posted or the Riddler eye makeup from a couple of years ago.

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Deadpool Eye Makeup Art

Deadpool Eye Makeup Art

[Source:  Tal Peleg via Fashionably Geek]

R2-D2 Ladies Yoga Pants

Due to some back issues, I have always been a bit afraid to try Yoga as some of those moves (and by that I mean most of them) look like they would be pure torture for me.  However, even though I’m skeptical as to whether or not Yoga would be a good thing for me to try, I know there are a lot of people that do Yoga, especially women and for those women who also happen to love Star Wars, I have found the droid Yoga pants you have been looking for!

The awesome folks over at ThinkGeek are selling these awesome ladies R2-D2 Yoga pants for $39.99.  But wait!  Before you buy a pair, make sure to use the coupon code ‘DOTHEMATH’ which will score you 30% off!  That code is good through 8/10/14 so that should give you plenty of time to pick up these pants at a substantial discount.

There is also a size chart on the product’s page if you aren’t quite sure which size you need.  Whatever size that is, this is definitely the pair of droid pants you are looking for!

Now I am curious, do any of you do Yoga (or one of the many variations)?  If so, let me know in the comments below!  I am curious to know which style people prefer and how it has helped them.

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Ladies R2-D2 Yoga Pants

Ladies R2-D2 Yoga Pants

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

Awesome Steampunk Tinkerbell Cosplay

Ever since I was a kid, I have had a big love for Peter Pan and that fantasy universe.  I remember watching the Disney cartoon over and over again as a kid and these days I will watch the classic Hook movie with Robin Williams whenever I see it on TV.  It seems like love for Neverland has fallen off in recent years because I remember seeing lots of Peter Pan and Hook costumes when I was a kid (I remember even having one of the hook hand toys when I was a kid) and you never see them these days.

Well, it looks like there is at least one other fan still out there judging by this awesome steampunk Tinkerbell cosplay.

Sadly, I don’t know who this awesome Tinkerbell cosplayer is, who took this picture or what con this was at but I think this cosplay is great!  If you know who this girl is or who took the picture, please let us know in the comments below so we can give them the credit they deserve!

I hope Hook is still on Netflix because now I am in the mood to watch it for the millionth time.

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Tinkerbell Cosplay

Steampunk Tinkerbell Cosplay

[via Reddit]

Awesome Doctor Who The Extraterrestrial Tee Just $11 Today Only!

It seems like there is rarely a day goes by that I don’t find some Doctor Who shirt that I want to buy.  Judging by the fact that my stack of t-shirts which largely consists of Doctor Who themed shirts is now as tall as the ceiling in my bedroom (I’m not even kidding and my closet is already full), I have a bad habit of giving in to that temptation.  I passed the point of being able to wear any of them with any sort of frequency long ago but I just can’t stop myself.  And speaking of that temptation, it is taking every bit of self control I have not to get this awesome Doctor Who / E.T. mash-up shirt that is on sale today only!

The amazing geeks over at TeeFury are selling this awesome DW The Extraterrestrial t-shirt designed by Wirdou for just $11 today only!  If you are a fan of Doctor Who or the movie E.T. (I have to admit I have never seen it), you will love this shirt!

Its not very often that I come across Doctor Who shirts that feature Tom Baker or K-9 so if you love either or both of them, I’d just on this shirt because they don’t come along every day!

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Doctor Who and E.T. mash-up T-Shirt

Doctor Who The Extraterrestrial T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

These Star Wars Wedge Shoes Are Amazing!

Maybe its just a guy thing but I don’t think I will ever understand why women like wearing wedge shoes or high heel shoes.  They just look ridiculously uncomfortable and frankly, I find it to be a bit deceptive.  They make you look taller than you really are and your butt look better than it really is and I find that to be a bit deceitful.  Maybe I’m the only guy that feels that way but I like women who are comfortable with who they are and not who they wish they were.  Anyway, enough of my rant.

If you are the wedge shoe wearing type and a big Star Wars fan, I think I have found the shoes for you!

Etsy seller DeckoFab is selling these one-of-a-kind Star Wars themed wedge shoes for just $115!  Apparently they also take custom orders as well that are decoupaged using your favorite comics, magazines, pictures or fabric.

I wish there were tennis shoes that looked like this because I would be all over them!  To each their own I suppose.

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Star Wars Shoes

Star Wars Wedge Shoes

[Source:  Etsy]

Iron Man Cast Turns a Broken Wrist Into a Good Thing

I consider myself lucky to have gone the first 26 years of my life without breaking any bones.  Especially as a kid, it seemed like all of my friends broke something at one point or another whether it was an arm, leg or something as small as a finger.  I guess that was kind of the downside of the full contact basketball we used to play which pretty much had all the violence of hockey.

Well, speaking of broken bones, Reddit user Brettman3 got bored of the plain old white cast he was sporting after breaking his wrist so he decided to color it to make it look like Iron Man’s suit.

I think it turned out pretty cool and this is definitely what I would consider taking lemons and turning them into lemonade.  However, if he really wanted to make this super cool, I think a cluster of LEDs in his palm would make this the coolest cast ever!

Have you ever broken a bone and done something cool with the cast like this?  If so, I want to hear your tale in the comments below and feel free to share pictures if you have them!

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Iron Man Wrist Cast

Iron Man Arm Cast

[Source:  Reddit]

This R2-D2 Corset is the Droid You Have Been Looking For

To be honest, I have never really cared much for corsets on women.  I know a lot of guys like them because it make the boobs jump out and say “Howdy!” but I just can’t get over how uncomfortable they look and what they do to your insides.  To give you an idea of what I mean, check out the x-rays of women wearing corsets that I came across on Monday.  I have a feeling those pictures may turn some of you off to them now too but for those that still love them and have a love for Star Wars, I have found the droid corset you are looking for!

Etsy seller pendragoncostumes is selling this nerdy R2-D2 corset for $195. They come in sizes 0-20 and take 6-8 weeks to make so keep that in mind in case you are thinking about ordering one for your next sci-fi convention.

Even though I am not a corset loving kind of guy, I admit I still think this design is pretty cool!  That said, the price feels high to me.  I’ve never looked at prices for corsets before since I have no desire to wear one (although it might make me the first guy ever to do so) but that feels like a lot for something that covers less of the body than my $10 t-shirt does.  I know that is comparing apples to oranges but I think it gets my point across.  Is that a high price?  How much do you usually spend on corsets?  I am very curious to know so let me know in the comments below!

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R2-D2 Corset

Star Wars R2-D2 Corset

Star Wars R2-D2 Corset Side View

R2-D2 Corset Side View

[Source:  Etsy via Fashionably Geek]

Jurassic Park Isla Nublar T-Shirt [pics]

With the 3D version of Jurassic Park opening in theaters today, I figured it would be fitting to post a really cool Jurassic Park t-shirt!  I don’t know about everybody else but Jurassic Park is among my all time favorite movies so to say that I am excited would be an understatement.  However, considering much of the movie takes place at night, I am a bit hesitant because by the time you add in the dimming effect from the 3D glasses, I will be surprised if you can really see much.  Anyway, if you are planning on going, why not go in this shirt?

The awesome folks over at Bustedtees are selling this Jurassic Park Isla Nublar t-shrit for only $20.  It is a pretty cool map of just where on the island you can find different dinosaurs.

If you are a JP fan, you need this shirt!

Also, if you go see the movie in 3D, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.  Is the 3D effect good?  Do the glasses make it took dark to see?  I want to know!

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Jurassic Park T-Shirt

Jurassic Park Isla Nublar T-Shirt

Jurassic Park Shirt Design

Jurassic Park Isla Nublar Shirt Design

[Source:  Bustedtees]

Crocheted Bane Mask

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I finally got a chance to watch the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises (despite going to see it on opening night which is a long story) but I thought it was pretty good.  I found the Bane character to be quite interesting although I really didn’t think the voice matched the look of the character.  Then again I’m not a fan of the Batman voice either so what do I know?

Anyway, I stumbled upon this really cool mask that I am sure the Bane fans are going to love.

Etsy seller StitchFinderGeneral is selling this awesome crocheted Bane mask for $91.95.  Because it is so awesome, it is apparently selling so well that there is now a 4 month long waiting list just to get one.  If you decide to get one, the seller says to contact them first so keep that in mind if you decide to get one of these crocheted Bane masks.

This would make for a great mask Halloween so that is something to think about if you are interested in being Bane this year.

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Crochet Bane Mask

Crocheted Bane Mask

[Source:  Etsy]

3D Hobbit Hole and Gandalf Fingernail Art [pics]

With the new Hobbit movie having come out a few days ago, it seemed especially appropriate to post some rather spectacular Hobbit themed fingernail art.  Without a doubt, these fingernails are definitely some of the most unique and awesome fingernails I have ever seen!

DeviantART user KayleighOC is the fingernail art genius behind this incredible 3D Hobbit Hole fingernail art as well as the Gandalf fingernail art.  Apparently they were made out of clay and then painted with acrylic paints and nail varnishes.  I’d say they turned out rather incredible but I can’t see how 3D fingernail art would be the least bit practical.  If it was me, I would be worried about the stuff breaking off if I had to scratch my nose or something.

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Hobbit Hole Nail Art

Hobbit Hole 3D Fingernail Art

Gandalf Nail Art

Gandalf 3D Fingernail Art

[Source:  KayleighOC via Fashionably Geek]