Darth Vader Full Body T-Shirt [pic]

July 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

Its not very often that you see a t-shirt that has a design printed over the entire shirt.  Most just have a design on the chest of the shirt and maybe something on the back of the shirt.  Well, that’s not the case with this amazing Star Wars shirt!

The awesome people over at SuperHeroStuff are selling this fantastic Star Wars t-shirt that predominately features Darth Vader for just $21.99.  That seems like a decent price for a t-shirt with a full shirt design, much less one that looks this cool!  I need another t-shirt like I need another hole in my head (I’ve already outgrown my closet) but it is taking every bit of restraint I have not to buy this shirt!

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Darth Vader T-Shirt

Star Wars Darth Vader T-Shirt

[Source:  SuperHeroStuff]

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