Two great shirts just $11 today, Super Mario vs Bioshock

Other than trying to catch the old Bob Ross painting show on PBS on Saturday mornings, I can’t say I pay a tremendous amount of attention to paintings.  However, I have always been a fan of Van Gogh and especially his Starry Night painting which is even the wallpaper for some of my devices like my iPod Touch.  When  you combine that with my love for Super Mario, its safe to say you have come up with a t-shirt design that I can’t pass up!

The fantastic people over at TeeFury are doing one of their twofury sales today where they put to shirts against each other to see which one sells more.  Todays competitors are Super Starry Night by Naolito and I’ll Always Protect You by Logan Feliciano, both of which you can get for $11 today only!  Whether you love Super Mario Bros, Bioshock or both, I suspect you will want at least one of these cool shirts (designs below)!

Don’t forget, even if you aren’t a big fan the colors of these shirts, they do have other options to choose from.  Speaking for myself, I am definitely getting the Mario shirt but I am torn between the shirt being black (I already have a hundred or so black shirts) or the navy blue which I like just as much.

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Super Starry Night T-Shirt

Super Starry Night T-Shirt

Bioshock I'll Always Protect You T-Shirt

Bioshock I’ll Always Protect You T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

Mind Blowing Bioshock Big Daddy and Little Sister Cosplay [pic]

For those out there that are big fans of the Bioshock games, I have found some Big Daddy and Little Sister cosplay that will blow you away!

Unfortunately, I don’t know who these amazing Bioshock cosplayers are that are sporting this spectacular Big Daddy and Little Sister cosplay, but I do know they were spotted at DragonCon 2012.  From the pictures I have seen, apparently there is some kind of big cosplay parade at the convention which is where these two were spotted.

This cool Bioshock cosplay photo was taken by Flickr user millermz.  I highly recommend checking out the rest of their photostream as they have hundreds of amazing cosplay pictures from DragonCon 2012.  I’ve never thought about going to that con before, but now I definitely want to go next year!

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Big Daddy and Little Sister Cosplay

Bioshock Big Daddy and Little Sister Cosplay

[Source:  millermz]

Bioshock Spider Splicer Cosplay [pic]

I still haven’t got around to finishing the Bioshock games but the games are definitely enjoyable.  There is just something about the environment in the game that is really engrossing.  Well, fans of the awesome Bioshock series will definitely appreciate this amazing (and slightly horrifying) Spider Slicer cosplay!  The cosplayer in this picture goes by the name of Mangodude.  I’m not sure if it is the blood splatters or the blades, but this guy definitely looks like he means business.  I know I wouldn’t want to mess with him!

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Bioshock Spider Slicer Cosplay

Bioshock Spider Slicer Cosplay

[Source:  Cosplay Blog]