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I have a rather nice little collection of Game Boys as I had a bit of an obsession with them as a kid (my Tetris addiction probably didn’t help) but if there is one thing I don’t have in my collection and would die to have in my collection, it would be a giant wearable Game Boy that is playable and uses giant Game Boy cartridges.

I’m not sure who this awesome guy is or where he was spotted (if you know, please let me know in the comments below so I can give him the credit he definitely deserves), but a few days ago on reddit I came across these pictures of a guy sporting some epic Game Boy cosplay that is actually playable!

I’m not sure just how many games this guy has for people to play on his huge Game Boy costume, but I at least know there is Tetris, Dr. Mario and Donkey Kong Land judging by the second picture with another guy holding up two of the giant cartridges.

And while you can play this giant Game Boy, I’m not sure how practical it is given the size of the controls, especially for a game like Tetris.  The back-lit screen is also a bit of an authenticity killer but it does make it look better than the picture where the back-lit doesn’t seem to be turned on so I can live with it.  Back-lit or not, this Game Boy costume is epic!  Whoever this guy is, he is my hero!

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Game Boy Cosplay

Nintendo Game Boy Cosplay

Nintendo Game Boy Cosplay

Playable Game Boy Cosplay

[Via Reddit]

Although it is probably pretty obvious that I am a big gamer from all of the video game inspired cosplay and other fashion related posts I write on here, what you probably don’t know is that I have been gaming since I turned 2 years old (so for over 23 years).  I have grown up on Nintendo and have owned nearly every console or portable system they have ever come out with, the exception being the Virtual Boy which I will get around to owning one of these days when I am bored and surfing ebay.

Well, for those that are also proud of their Nintendo gaming history, I have found a t-shirt you will love!

The nerdy folks over at NerdyShirts are selling this awesome Nintendo family tree shirt for just $14.99!  This shirt is available for both men and women so regardless of your gender, if you are a Nintendo fan, you need this shirt!

There are some rather obvious omissions from this shirt like the Virtual Boy, Wii U, the top loading NES (and other iterations of systems listed), but considering nobody played the Virtual Boy and the Wii U just came out, those can be overlooked.  Even if its not complete, I still want this shirt!

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Nintend Family Tree Shirt

Nintend Family Tree T-Shirt

[Source:  NerdyShirts]

Have you ever wondered what Link (from the Legend of Zelda franchise) is doing when he is not out saving Princess Zelda?  Well, apparently Link’s free time is spent playing on the Nintendo DSi!

This impressive female Link cosplayer goes by the name Suzuki while the photographer goes by the name of Eyes.  I would have to see the rest of the costume and get a better look at the sword to be sure, but I think this is perhaps the best female Link cosplay I have seen!  However, it seems kind of odd (yet completely awesome) to take this picture with Super Mario Bros wallpaper in the background.  I don’t know where you get wallpaper like that, but I want it for my bedroom!

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Female Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay

Female Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay

[Source:  Tri-Heart via Cosplay Blog]