It’s Not Easy Being Geek T-Shirt [pic]

Perhaps the best part about being a geek is that I have a deeper appreciation for many franchises like Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and others.  However, it does become a challenge trying to find time to spend with all of the different geeky things that I love.  I think that is exactly the message that Kermit the Frog is trying to make in this “It’s Not Easy Being Geek” T-shirt.  For the geeks out there that feel the same way and love this awesome shirt, you can order the “It’s Not Easy Being Geek” shirt from Redbubble for $24.54.  That is more than I like paying for a t-shirt, but this is pretty awesome!

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Its Not Easy Being Geek Kermit The Frog T-Shirt

Its Not Easy Being Geek Kermit The Frog T-Shirt

[Source:  Redbubble via Fashionably Geek]

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