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When it comes to Star Trek, it seems that when I ask most people, Star Trek: The Next Generation is most people’s favorite (I prefer Deep Space Nine myself).  One of the main reasons that people seem to like TNG is largely because of Captain Picard.  In fact, people still love the character so much that it lives on in memes across the internet!  It is rare that I don’t see at least one Captain Picard meme on the the front page of reddit every day.

Well, for those that love Captain Picard and all of the Captain Picard memes based on his expressions from Star Trek: The Next Generation, now you can wear all of those expressions!  WeLoveFine is selling this awesome Captain Picard meme faces shirt which they call EmotiPicard for $25.  Sounds like a must have for any Star Trek fan to me!

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The Many Faces of Captain Picard T-Shirt

The Many Faces of Captain Picard T-Shirt

[Source:  WeLoveFine via Fashionably Geek]