A Tetris Dress for the Block Loving Ladies [pic]

Tetris is one of my favorite games from my childhood and I still enjoy a game or two of it every now and then.  Even though I am a huge Tetris fan, I am not the target audience for this awesome piece of Tetris clothing considering I am a guy and my hairy legs don’t look that good in a dress.  However, for the Tetris loving ladies out there, I suspect you are going to love this Tetris dress!

Etsy seller Luminaa is selling this cute Tetris dress for just $90.  It comes in a wide range of sizes and features an invisible zipper which I assume would appeal to some people (I’m a guy, I really have no knowledge of these things).  One thing is for sure, if you wear this dress, you will be turning the heads of every gamer that crosses your path!

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Tetris Dress

Tetris Dress

[Source:  Etsy via So Geek Chic]

Portal 2 Companion Cube Panties [pic]

There are a lot of women out there who are big fans of the Portal games, and for those women, I thought they would like to see this spectacular pair or Companion Cube underwear!

The awesome folks over at J!NX are selling this really cute Companion Cube panties for just $12.99. That seems like a pretty reasonable price panties that are this cool!  These would be the perfect thing to wear when you go to do any kind of testing (medical, school, ect.).  They would also be a great way to excite that special gamer in your life!

I have to admit, stuff like this makes me kind of jealous of women.

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Portal Companion Cube Underwear

Portal Companion Cube Panties

[Source:  J!NX]