Spectacular Hand-Painted Doctor Who Shoes

It is rather unfortunate that the styles of shoes I tend to buy from my favorite shoe manufacturer (New Balance) don’t lend themselves to being painted or really customized in any way.  I appreciate that the mesh they use allows my foot to breath but you can’t really customize it and it lets liquid through like its not even there which can be very annoying.  However, for those that like to customize their shoes, there seems to be no better shoe to do that than with some Chuck Taylor All Stars by Converse.

In the past, I have posted some pretty cool hand-painted Doctor Who shoes like the amazing 10th and 11th Doctor sneakers and the TARDIS chucks however, I think the Doctor Who shoes below might be my favorite pair of Doctor Who shoes.

Etsy seller SatansSlippers is selling these hand-painted Doctor Who sneakers featuring the TARDIS and a Dalek for just $64.45.  That is half the price of my shoes and my shoes aren’t even this cool!

Although these are the standard shoes they make, if you want other Doctor Who icons painted on there, they will do them by request so if you want a Weeping Angel and K-9 instead of a TARDIS and Dalek, make sure to let them know when you order!

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Doctor Who Chuck Tailor Sneakers

Doctor Who Shoes

[Source:  Etsy]

Hand-Painted Street Fighter Chuck Taylor Sneakers [pic]

One of my favorite arcade games growing up was Street Fighter which would explain why I want these shoes so badly even if I think Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers are some of the ugliest shoes ever made.  Maya Pixelskaya painted these awesome shoes that feature Chun-Li and Ryu with an amazing level of detail.  These shoes are definitely geektastic!  Too bad you can’t buy a pair of these Street Fighter sneakers at your local shoe store.

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Street Fighter Chuck Taylor Shoes

Street Fighter Chuck Taylor Shoes

[Source:  Maya Pixelskaya via Fashionably Geek]