Amazing Hand Painted 10th and 11th Doctor Converse Chucks [pic]

For as much as people seem to like them, I have just never had any desire to try on a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers.  I have seen some people make some incredible works of art on them like the Yoda Chucks I posted in the past as well as the really cool Street Fighter sneakers but I guess I just have a hard time convincing myself to change shoe brands.  Considering I order my shoes online where I really don’t have the opportunity to try other kinds like I would in a store, it makes me hesitant to try something other than my beloved New Balance.  Anyway…

Speaking of hand painted Chucks, the fantastic artist over at Bobs Made created this fantastic looking hand painted 10th and 11th Doctor Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.  Whether you are a Matt Smith fan, a David Tennant fan or just a lover of the color blue, I think you are going to love these shoes!

If they sold Doctor Who shoes like this where I get my shoes online (Zappos), then I might be willing to venture out of my comfort zone and try a different brand of shoes.  Until that happens, I guess I will be sticking with New Balance and just loving shoes like these from afar.

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Doctor Who Chucks

Doctor Who Chuck Taylor Sneakers Who

[via Doctor Who and the T.A.R.D.I.S]

Awesome Hand Painted Doctor Who Sneakers [pic]

Thanks to the material my shoes are made of, any real cool customizations just aren’t possible which makes me kind of sad, but I still enjoy seeing the works of art that people make out of their shoes.  In this particular case, I stumbled across some really cool hand-painted Doctor Who shoes featuring the TARDIS and the 10th and 11th Doctor.

These fantastic painted Doctor Who shoes which features the TARDIS and the 10th and 11th Doctor’s clothing was posted on Facebook by Post Pond Depression.  Their mom made them for them and I think they turned out great!  Unfortunately, I think when you get laces in these shoes, I think it will kind of ruin part of their Doctor Who charm.

I wish you could buy shoes like these somewhere because I would love to have a pair.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Shoes

Doctor Who Shoes

[Source:  Post Pond Depression]

Beautiful Hand Painted Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Shoes

Until recently, for about the past year or so, I have been wearing Legend of Zelda hats whenever I would leave the house (now I wear a God of War hat).  I would always get complements on my Zelda hats from pretty much any gamer that I would meet which always made my day.   However, I have never really wanted to sport Zelda on my feet until I saw this amazing hand painted Ocarina of Time shoes.

These amazing hand painted Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time Vans shoes were made by Lauren Campbell.  The best part is that she sells custom shoes like these!

On her Etsy page, you can get a custom pair of these Legend of Zelda shoes for just $100.  That seems like a bargain considering I pay at least that for my non-painted tennis shoes.

If you get a custom pair from her, let us know in the comments below and feel free to share pictures as I would love to see them!

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Zelda shoes

Hand Painted Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Shoes

[Source:  Etsy via Fashionably Geek]

Hand-Painted Zelda High Heel Shoes [pic]

Women keep telling me that high heel shoes can be comfortable, but I just can’t understand how when your foot is contorted in such a manner.  I can’t even wear cowboy boots with a one inch heel because they make me walk funny and hurt my feet.  Well, for those women that do like to wear high heels and have a love for the Legend of Zelda, I have found the heels for you!

Etsy seller magicbeanbuyer is selling these awesome hand-painted Legend of Zelda high heel shoes for $75.  However, I need to clarify that you aren’t getting the shoes for this price, you are just getting the Legend of Zelda paint job.  You have to send the Etsy seller your own pair of heels and then for the $75, they will give them a hand-painted Zelda look like the ones pictured below, so keep that in mind!  If you have some heels you want to do that to, go for it!

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Hand-Painted Zelda Heels

Custom Hand-Painted Legend of Zelda Heels

[Source:  Etsy]

Spectacular Hand Painted Yoda Shoes [pic]

I’ve long wanted something cooler to wear than just what tennis shoe manufactures have to offer, but I know having something really cool like these amazing Yoda shoes wouldn’t be a good idea because they wouldn’t stay nice for very long considering I work in a very dirty environment.

Well, regardless of whether or not I will be the owner, these Yoda Converse All Star shoes are amazing!  The amazing custom shoe people at What’s Shop in Thailand are the ones that painted this amazing pair of Yoda Chucks.  If you would like a pair of your own, they do take custom orders and it is quite obvious that they do amazing work!  I’ve seen a bunch of other shoes that they have made and every pair has blown me away!

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Custom Star Wars Yoda Shoes

Custom Yoda Shoes

[Source:  What’s Shop]

Star Wars R2-D2 Bra [pic]

There are a ton of female Star Wars lovers out there and for those women, I have found this awesome R2-D2 bra!  Nothing quite says “I love Star Wars” like R2-D2 covering your boobs!

Etsy seller SceeneShoes is selling this awesome hand painted R2-D2 bra for $40.  It is available in a wide range of sizes although larger sizes may cost more so that is something to keep in mind if you are in the market for an R2-D2 bra.  It also looks like it will take about 4 weeks to be made so hopefully you aren’t in a big hurry to get one!

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Hand Painted R2-D2 Bra

Star Wars R2-D2 Bra

[Source:  Etsy]


Hand-Painted Star Wars High Heels [pic]

Just when you thought the Super Mario Bros hand-painted high heel shoes were the geekiest shoes you would ever see, now we have Star Wars hand-painted heels!  Etsy seller Jilliann Silva is selling these awesome Star Wars shoes for $275.  As much as I would love some awesome Star Wars shoes, high heels aren’t my preferred type of footwear so I think I will pass on these.  However, any women that want to get my attention, you can easily do so by wearing a pair of these.

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Star Wars High Heeled Shoes

Star Wars High Heeled Shoes

[Source:  Etsy via Fashionably Geek]

Hand-Painted Street Fighter Chuck Taylor Sneakers [pic]

One of my favorite arcade games growing up was Street Fighter which would explain why I want these shoes so badly even if I think Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers are some of the ugliest shoes ever made.  Maya Pixelskaya painted these awesome shoes that feature Chun-Li and Ryu with an amazing level of detail.  These shoes are definitely geektastic!  Too bad you can’t buy a pair of these Street Fighter sneakers at your local shoe store.

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Street Fighter Chuck Taylor Shoes

Street Fighter Chuck Taylor Shoes

[Source:  Maya Pixelskaya via Fashionably Geek]