Star Wars I Love You, I Know, Ring Tattoos

In the past, I have made mention of the fact that I am not one who cares for wearing rings.  In fact, it drives me crazy!  I’d be lying if I said that I’m not a little worried about ring wearing thing if I ever get married some day.  I suppose I could do like the awesome couple below did but I’m not sure I am any more fond of the idea of getting a tattoo either.  However, I think this couple did come up with a pretty cool ring tattoo idea.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure who the awesome and super geeky couple is whose hands are in the picture below but I think they may have found the ultimate way for one Star Wars fan to show another Star Wars fan just how much they love them.  These awesome Star Wars tattoo rings feature the iconic lines from Han and Leia right before Han is frozen in carbonite and they even feature a lightsaber and the Death Star.

This couple definitely hasn’t been looking for love in Alderaan places.

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Star Wars Ring Tattoos

Star Wars Ring Tattoos

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Black Tie Darth Vader Cosplay [pic]

Have you ever wondered what Darth Vader looks like when he has to dress up for some kind of black tie affair?  Well, thanks to the awesome cosplay picture below, now we know!  This Darth Vader who apparently likes to use his lightsaber as a cane, was spotted last week at Dragon*Con 2011.  I never knew that Lord Vader could dress up this nice.  Now, what I really want to see is this guy try and drink that champagne through the Darth Vader helmet.  That could get messy!

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Darth Vader Dressed in Black Tie

Darth Vader Dressed in Black Tie

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