This Incredible Medieval Joker Armor Will Give You Nightmares

Having grown up playing games like Age of Empires, I’ve always thought medieval armor can be pretty cool although I never thought that it could also be really creepy.  Well, when the Batman universe collides with medieval armor, it can make for one heck of a scary looking Joker!  I am seriously worried that I may have this show up in my dreams tonight and that is not something I look forward to.

This stunning (and creepy) medieval Joker armor was created by Prince Armory.  This leather Joker armor is functional and consists of a jester’s helmet with Joker mask, breastplate, drama face pauldrons, jester’s war skirt, cuisses/knees/greaves, and articulated jester shoe sabatons.  All of it appears to be very well done!  I wonder how much time went into this incredible Joker armor because it obviously required a lot of it to get this level of quality and detail.

Even if it is just leather, if I met somebody looking like this on the battlefield, you can bet I would be running the other direction!

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Medieval Joker Fantasy Armor

Medieval Joker Armor

Medieval Joker Armor Side

The Joker’s Medieval Armor Side View

Leather Medieval Joker Armor

Medieval Joker Armor Back View

[Source:  Prince Armory via Geeks Are Sexy]

This Silent Hill Full Back Tattoo Will Blow Your Mind and Give You Nightmares

There are a ton of gamers that absolutely love the Silent Hill games (and movies) but I have to admit I’m just not one of them.  Its not that I don’t think they are good because I am sure they are or the franchise would have died out years ago, its just that I have never been a huge fan of survival horror games.  I don’t get scared as easily as most people so anything horror related just doesn’t have much appeal to me since it doesn’t really get that reaction out of me.  That said, I have a feeling this Silent Hill tattoo might just give me nightmares.

Unfortunately, I don’t know who inked this absolutely amazing Silent Hill full back tattoo to give them the credit they definitely deserve (if you know who did or who the person is in this picture, let me know so I can give them credit) but they are one heck of a talented tattoo artist!  Without a doubt, this is one of the best looking tattoos I have ever seen if not the best.

As cool as this is, I can’t help but wonder if it was really such a good idea.  I mean, if i was in bed with this person and saw something that scary staring back at me, it would be an instant boner killer.  I’m sure there are some guys that would be into something like that but I’d venture to say they are in the minority.

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Silent Hill Tattoo

Silent Hill Back Full Tattoo

[Via Obvious Winner]

This Silent Hill Nurse Cosplay is Amazing and Scary! [pics]

Not being a huge fan of the horror genre whether it is a movie or video game, I can’t say I know a lot about the games.  However, I am familiar with the Nurse character as I have seen it on many occasions.  In the past, I have even posted a rather scary looking Nurse cake over on Global Geek News.  Well, even though horror isn’t my thing, I thought this Nurse cosplay was so good I couldn’t help but share it!

Cosplayer Yiri is the one sporting this rather spectacular and definitely scary Silent Hill Nurse cosplay.  The photographer was Mike Rollerson and he took these pictures which will give anybody the creeps at PMX 2012 in LA.  Between the cosplay and the photography, the results of this shoot are scary and spectacular!  Very impressive!

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Nurse Cosplay

Silent Hill Nurse Cosplay

Nurse Cosplay

Silent Hill Nurse Cosplay

Nurse Cosplay

Silent Hill Nurse Cosplay

[Source:  Geek x Girls]

Woman Two-Face from Batman Cosplay [pic]

If you are a woman with the desire to look bat crap crazy, then this is the cosplay for you!  I’m not sure what the occasion was, but apparently this woman decided to make herself look like Two Face from Batman.  She definitely went to some great length to pull this off, even turning half of her hair gray!  I’d say she did such a great job that I might not be able to sleep without nightmares for the next couple of nights!  I suppose if you want to get Batman’s attention, this would be the way to do it.

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Two Face Cosplay

Two Face Cosplay

[via Cosplay Blog]