Beautiful Diablo III Demon Hunter Cosplay

Despite rumors to the contrary, Fanboy Fashion is not dead!  I simply haven’t had the time for it lately like I used to although I think that is about to change.  Anyway, when I saw this great Diablo III Demon Hunter cosplay, I knew I had to share it with you!  In the past, I have posted a couple of great Demon Hunter cosplays (like this one and this one), but the cosplay below is my favorite so far.  Not only does the cosplay look great, but I am really loving the photography too!

I spotted this fantastic Diablo III female Demon Hunter cosplay on the official Diablo III Facebook page yesterday.  The cosplayer in these pictures is FreiaRaven and the photographer that took these beautiful shots is Photographer Eva.  I’m impressed with how great these photos are!  I especially appreciate the great lighting and church setting.

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Diablo III Demon Hunter Cosplay

Demon Hunter Cosplay

Demon Hunter Cosplay

Demon Hunter Cosplay

Demon Hunter Cosplay3

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Stunning Uncharted 3 Nathan Drake Cosplay [pic]

Without a doubt, the Uncharted games are some of the best video games I have played in recent years.  While I have yet to get around to playing Uncharted 3, I still love to see some great cosplay from the game.  In the case of today, I came across some rather impressive Nathan Drake cosplay from Uncharted 3.

This impressive Nathan Drake cosplay is being sported by the handsome DeviantART user MaicouManiezzo.  I’d say it looks like he is ready to go slosh through some jungles and shoot some bad guys!

The lighting in this picture is especially nice as I think it brings some nice atmosphere and emotion to the picture.  Sadly, I’m not sure who the photographer for this picture is to give them credit for it (if you know, let us know in the comments below).

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Nathan Drake Cosplay

Uncharted 3 Nathan Drake Cosplay

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Amazing Batgirl Cosplay [pics]

When it comes to Batgirl cosplay, I have seen some pretty impressive pictures, but none quite as impressive as this spectacular Batgirl cosplay!  Seriously, she looks like she just walked off of a movie set!

Cosplayer Alexia Jean Grey is the redhead sporting this incredible Batgirl cosplay for Adam Jay from Superhero Photography.  I definitely wouldn’t mess with this Batgirl, it looks like she could seriously kick my butt!

While I may be more of a fan of the Batgirl from the 60s Batman TV show, there is no way I can deny that this looks better than the 60s Batgirl ever did.  Great job to both Alexia and Adam on the costume and these pictures!

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Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

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