This Spider-Man Fingernail Art Will Tingle Your Spidey Sense!

It never ceases to amaze me just what works of art can be accomplished on the tiny canvas that is a person’s fingernails.  Whether it is the exploding TARDIS fingernail art I posted in the past or the Legend of Zelda nail art I have also posted, I am always blown away by the amount of detail that some people put into painting their nails.  Well, speaking of amazing fingernail art, I just stumbled upon some great Spider-Man fingernail art that I’m sure you guys will enjoy just as much as I did!

This awesome Spider-Man manicure was created by Starfish on the Beach.  While all of the nails are impressive, I think I like the one on the middle finger the best with the Spider-Man logo showing from underneath a jacket or something that is being unzipped.  Trying to get that tiny detail on that zipper couldn’t have been easy!

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Spider-Man Nail Art

Spider-Man Fingernail Art

[Source:  Starfish on the Beach via Fashionably Geek]

Awesome Star Trek: The Next Generation Fingernail Art

Its been quite a while since I have posted some cool fingernail art so when I was browsing reddit and came across this amazing Star Trek: The Next Generation fingernail art, I knew I had to post about it!  I’ve always preferred the Deep Space Nine uniforms but I think these actually look better as fingernail art than DS9 uniforms would.  However, I’d still like to see some DS9 fingernail art if anybody out there is up to the challenge.  But, until somebody does that, lets talk about this awesome TNG fingernail art!

This amazing Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform nail art was done by reddit user feelslikeawoman.  While I think she did a heck of a job with this nail art, I think I am most impressed by the fact that those are real nails rather than fake ones.  I think she must have hit the genetic fingernail lottery!  I can’t say that long nails are my thing but I can certainly appreciate how rare it is for somebody to be able to have natural nails that can get that long.

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Star Trek: TNG Fingernail Art

Star Trek: The Next Generation Fingernail Art

[via Reddit]

Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Fingernail Art

We are just two days away from the big day!  No, I’m not talking about a when that fat guy in a red suit (who should really be a lot fatter than he is with all of those cookies he eats) to flies around leaving presents in exchange for Christmas cookies, I am talking about the Doctor Who Christmas special!  In just two days we will find out how the whole regeneration problem is solved, see the end of Matt Smith’s Doctor and the beginning of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.

Well, to celebrate this upcoming event, I thought there is no better way than with some amazing exploding TARDIS fingernail art!

I’m not positive who did this incredible fingernail as it just crossed my Facebook feed with no credit to the creator (a major pet peeve of mine), but from the watermark, I would guess it was created by Adventures in Acetone.  Whoever created it did one heck of an amazing job!  I’ve posted some really cool Doctor Who fingernail art in the past but I think this blows it away!

Being a big Van Gogh fan, I loved the whole exploding TARDIS Van Gogh painting thing so I am especially in love with this fingernail art.  If I could have nails like this, I would even paint mine even though I am a guy!

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Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Fingernail Art

Exploding TARDIS Fingernail Art

[via Doctor Who and the T.A.R.D.I.S.]

This Spectacular Futurama Fingernail Art is Good News for Everyone! [pic]

Good news everyone!  I have stumbled upon some amazing Futurama fingernail art you are sure to love!  If you love Futurama as much as I do (I think it is the best cartoon ever), this Futurama fingernail art is sure to bring a huge smile to your face.

Reddit user DerpLasagnaBeers shared this picture of their phenomenal Futurama fingernail art on Reddit earlier this year but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I saw it.  Most of your favorite Futurama characters are here including Fry, Bender, Leela, Zoidberg, Nibbler, Professor Farnsworth, Hypnotoad, Kif, Captain Brannigan and even Morbo!  I am blown away by how well this nail art turned out!

If you like this and want to see more amazing Futurama fingernail art, check out the Futurama fingernail art I posted on my Global Geek News blog a couple of weeks ago.

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Futurama Nail Art

Futurama Fingernial Art

[Source:  Reddit via Comedy Central]

Harley Quinn Fingernail Art [pic]

Fashion isn’t just about clothes and cosplay, but it can also be about fingernail art too!  In this particular car, one Batman fan decided to sport some fantastic Harley Quinn fingernail art!

The Nailasaurus created this awesome Harley Quinn fingernail art and it looks awesome!  One fingernail is the image of the cartoon version of Harley Quinn from the animated series while the others are Harley’s trademark black and red patterns.  I’ve seen some great fingernail art in the past, but I think this is one of my favorites.  I bet it took a super steady hand to make this look this good.  I am impressed!

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Harley Quinn Fingernail Art

Harley Quinn Fingernail Art

[Source:  The Nailasaurus via Fashionably Geek]